Transitioning from Education into Salesforce Careers | Back To School 🎉

It’s Back To School Season 🍎

With that in mind in this post we will be highlighting teachers who made the transition from Education into Salesforce careers! Have a quick look at just a few of the amazing educator stories that might help you make the transition!

The first video of the series showcases Lauren as she goes from History Teacher to Salesforce Business Analyst 🎉

Next up is a quick post from an educator in our members only group who increased their income by 50% and outlines much of what impacted their ability to succeed in a comprehensive way!

In our next video Brandon goes from Elementary School P.E. Teacher to Salesforce Administrator 🏀

How about hearing from Lindsey, she outlines her views on being an educator, the pressures teachers are feeling and how she made the decision to transition to Salesforce!


In our next video you’ll meet Jesse who was an English Teacher in Vietnam as he outlines how he made the switch to becoming a Salesforce professional!


Checkout the video with host Anita Smith as she interviews Kim Kennedy about how things are going after her 1st month on the job as a Salesforce professional after being an educator for many years!

Much much more to come!!!

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