Hacking the SF Admin Exam: Additional Resources for Success

There is no way around it – the Salesforce Administrator Credential Exam covers a daunting amount of information. While Trailhead provides a great foundation in the “Prepare for Your Salesforce Administrator Credential” Trailmix and associated materials – oftentimes students find it is not enough to successfully get that coveted “PASS.” 


Having helped hundreds of Talent Stackers navigate and overcome this exam, I wanted to compile my list of resource recommendations, beyond the Admin Trailmix, for those struggling with fully understanding and grasping the content. 


**Some of these resources are available only to members of the Talent Stacker Career Development Program.  To find out more, please visit us at www.talentstacker.com 


Overall Recommendations:

  • Build Your Own App! If you have been studying for the Salesforce Exam and you have yet to spin up a developer org to practice and build your own app to implement everything that you are learning – make sure to do this as soon as possible. If you are in the Talent Stacker program – visit Module 2 and complete the Admin Build Along. 
  • Get Force Certified – Get Force Certified by Dave Massey offers several different Salesforce bundles depending on what you need. Their offerings include study guides, mock exams, instructor led videos and more. If you are in the Talent Stacker program – email the Support Desk for your discount code! 
  • Focus on Force – Focus on Force also offers both study guides and practice exams that can be helpful in studying for the exam. At Talent Stacker, we recommend members achieve approximately 85-90% on the FOF practice exams prior to sitting the real Salesforce Admin Exam. Be careful to not memorize questions and answers, but rather go back through at the end of each practice exam and attempt to fully understand both correct and incorrect answers. 
  • Study Group Live & Deep Dives – If you are a Talent Stacker Member, make sure to visit the recordings of our Study Group Live sessions in Module 2. For students who might be having trouble with the structure of the questions themselves – check out the Deep Dive sessions for a breakdown of great tips and tricks to look out for when sitting for the exam. 


If you are struggling with a particular section, check out these section-specific resources below: 


Configuration and Setup: 20%


Object Manager and Lightning App Builder: 20%


Sales and Marketing Applications: 12%


Service and Support Applications: 11%


Productivity and Collaboration: 7%

  • See Dave Massey Get Force Certified or Focus on Force resources for this section.


Data and Analytics Management: 14%


Workflow/Process Automation: 16%


As you navigate these resources and your study strategy, always remember – don’t study just to pass the exam at 65%. You will always want to study as if you are working to fully understand 100% of the information. This tactic will ensure that you not only pass the exam, but also flourish as a Salesforce professional. 


Have more resources that you have found helpful in your journey? Drop them in the comments below! 


Happy studying everyone! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Alex!! My goal is to start the build along this week as previously I thought it was something I should wait to do until after I completed all the modules required in Trailhead but the way you explained it makes more sense 🙂