A Win is a Win

When I started studying for the Salesforce Admin Certification, I expected to quickly learn about a software setup, how to do a thing in that software, and get a job using that software. All quickly, because I’m just that smarty pants, right?

I ended up learning a lot I didn’t bargain for.

I mean, yes, I did learn about a software ecosystem, and still am learning! I just ended up learning so much more in conjunction with it.

I’ve learned effective (for me) study habits, which I never understood how to do before. I’ve learned perseverance and grit as I failed the exam FOUR times, and yet haven’t stopped or quit.

I’ve learned humility that my normally fast learning pace didn’t necessarily mean that I had learned it thoroughly enough or learned it in the right way enough to communicate that knowledge, and had to re-assess communication skills (which I thought I was quite good at before) and improve them. Oh, this one has stung a few times.

I’ve learned to be a better team player, which is always something we should strive to improve.

I’ve learned better how to ask for help, which is often difficult for me.

I’ve learned so many methods on how to work effectively with my brain, instead of trying to force my brain into styles of learning that are simply not compatible withy my neurology. I have my own brilliance, which I should not dim by forcing my brain to be as it is not.

I’ve learned ever deeper gratitude, thankful for my study partner Trupti Dabhi, thankful that I ever heard of Bradley Rice, thankful for the guidance of Anthony Scrima, thankful for the coaching and pep talks of Alex Warneke, even gratitude of my cat being a jerk and yeeting my pen across the room because she’s sick of me not focusing on her. So much gratitude my heart could burst with it.

And thanks to Justin Dux, I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to get the Crumbl cookie and celebrate the tiny wins.

Because a win is a win. And sometimes that looks like bad hair days and a cookie.

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