Getting Back on the Salesforce Bandwagon

On the road to becoming a Salesforce professional, sometimes life happens! Maybe you have to step away to support a friend or family member, maybe things get overly busy at work or with the kids, maybe you just need some time for self care. Whatever your reason – it’s okay!  

But now you are at the point where you are ready to re-start, but don’t even know where to begin! This post is for you. Here I have outlined a few helpful steps in getting back on the Salesforce bandwagon. 

#1 Give Yourself Some Grace

Oftentimes we can beat ourselves up for taking a step away or not being able to handle all the things. Life is hard, friends. There are so many demands on our attention, many of them very important. So make sure to start from a place of grace for yourself and where you are right now. There might even be a time in the future where you have to step away again – that’s okay too! Be kind to yourself. Every piece is part of the journey. 

#2 Remember Your “Why”

Taking on a new career can be a daunting task, there are many ups and downs, many unknowns. It can be critical to your success to always come back to your “why.” Why are you doing this? Maybe to build a better life for yourself or your family? To leave a toxic job? To explore a new and exciting career? Whatever your “why” – write it down, put it in a place of prominence, and reflect regularly. 

#3 Hone in on 1-2 Study Materials

Now it’s time to get back into learning. BUT OH MY GOODNESS THERE ARE SO MANY RESOURCES WHERE DO YOU EVEN BEGIN!!! Deep Breath. The Salesforce Ecosystem is incredible in that there are so many great options for skilling up – but it can also be super overwhelming. So start with 1 or 2 study resources to begin and focus only on those. Then when you have made some progress and need additional study aids, you can open your horizon from there. 

#4 Start With Small, Attainable Goals

Having goals to reach for can be a great driver in our success. Whether it be getting your Salesforce Administrator Certification or updating your Resume and LinkedIn – all great things to shoot for! However, when you are just jumping back in, these goals can feel daunting. So start small. Divide a bigger goal into smaller, manageable chunks. Maybe you just work on one or two of those small chunks this week or even this month. Just give yourself a place to get started. 

#5 Write Out Your Game Plan

Based on the materials you are going to use and your goals, come up with a game plan and write it down. Writing your plan out gives you something to reference and makes it real. Make sure you give yourself a column to check off when you are done with each section so you can keep track of all you have accomplished. Also, remember that it’s okay to go back and review sections you might have already covered. This is about being the best Salesforce professional you can be – not about getting through the material as quickly as possible. 

#6 Find an Accountability Buddy

Find a friend, share your game plan with them, and find a regular time to check in. Maybe this happens every week, maybe twice a month. Having a person to check in with helps us keep our plan top of mind and gives us a point in time to pause, reflect, and take stock of where we are at and where we need to go from here. 

#7 Connect With the Community

The Salesforce Ohana is a powerful community of support. There will be many times when you might not know the answer to something. Or you are stuck at a certain junction. Don’t be afraid to lean on the community for support and advice on where to go next. You will have your opportunity to give back when someone else might need help in the future. 

#8 Revise the Plan as Needed

Just because you have a plan, doesn’t mean it’s set in stone. It’s okay to adjust the plan as needed based on where you are at or if other demands on your time arise. Remember rule #1 – Give Yourself Some Grace. 

#9 Celebrate the Wins

Maybe you finished a hard module on trailhead or studied for a whole week straight! Whatever the wins might be – small or big – make sure to celebrate! It can be easy to fall into the trap of comparison with others and not take a moment to celebrate all that we have accomplished. Remember, everyone has different things going on and walks the trail at a different pace. So take a moment to celebrate where you are right now and take the next step forward. 

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